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Software has been trying to be a part of the art history for decades. But for it to happen the art world must want it, which it had limited reasons to.

NFTs enable structurally new ways of creating, owning and trading art, while opening it to a new population of collectors. By making something the art world wants, they create an historic opportunity to shift online one of the last large offline industries.

But art is a social and physical activity, and the shift won’t happen without a proper way to see NFTs in the real world. In a Soho gallery, at a collector’s apartment in Paris, at a fair in Hong Kong… Our mission at Screenshot is to build just this: the best way to display NFTs.

We will be launching soon, follow us on Twitter and Instagram to be the first to know. Our journey puts us in contact with many extraordinary artists, and we may participate to a few exciting drops in the next weeks.

We are well funded and staffed, but always happy to chat.